CoderToDo / A Productivity App for Coders

©2017 / Andreas P. Koenzen

This App implements the "day-ahead" productivity method which I created while doing my undergraduate thesis in Computer Science. This productivity method is based on a list of rules which allows the user to approach a project in a more structured way. I hope you like it.

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If you had purchased the App and want support or to leave feedback, you are welcome to write me.

Goals of the method:

  • Allows the user to set a very structured work schedule, with the ability to plan just one day ahead.
  • Allows the user to do exactly what was planned and not deviate from the plan.
  • Improves the user's ability to plan tasks.
  • Improves the user's ability to measure task's times.

Rules of the method:

  1. Only tasks marked as PENDING can be modified during the working day.
  2. At the end of the working day, tasks for the next day can be set.
  3. Users can add tasks until the end of the current day (23:59). From when the working day was over up until the end of the current day.
  4. A task cannot be deleted or modified during the working day, only its state can be changed.
  5. Is not possible to add tasks to the current working day, one can only add tasks for the next day, but after the working day is over.
  6. During the course of the working day, a task can only be marked as: DILATE, DONE, NOT DONE and NOT APPLICABLE.
  7. At the end of the working day, a success ratio will be generated for that day.
  8. It is possible to have sub-categories inside a day.
  9. The main structure of the method is a project.
  10. Tasks marked as DILATE do not count for the success ratio.
  11. Not done tasks will be moved to the next day, but will influence negatively on the current day.
  12. It is possible to add a completion percentage to a task. e.g. a task marked as 25% done will be automatically moved to the next day with the same percentage, but with a PENDING state.
  13. Newly created tasks can only be marked as PENDING or DILATE.
  14. It is possible to dilate pending tasks with a conclusion percentage.
  15. The user can end the working day at any time; he just has to set every PENDING task with a state. The working day ends when there are no more PENDING tasks.
  16. If the working day is finish and there are still PENDING tasks, those will be marked as NOT DONE for the current day and migrated to the next working day with a state of PENDING.
  17. Tasks with a completion percentage which had not been increased during the current working day are marked as NOT DONE when the day ends.
  18. The user must set the starting and closing times for the working day.
  19. The user can temporarily expand the closing time through the tolerance, which must be set previously.
  20. Tasks marked as NOT APPLICABLE do not count for the success ratio.